Here are some school (and cool) projects I made last year at ESIAJ.



What is left for drinking ?

The purpose of this workshop was to represent a set of data in graphical and interactive format. So we made a poster and a website.

It may be on any subject, so we have chosen (me and my group) a subject that concerns everyone, the water usage.

See the project
Dataviz's website



Cepourkan is a web-app which can organize all your school projects.

It's even possible to share our projects with other students. And if something is not clear, every student of the project can discuss about it in a forum.

See the website
Cepourkan's website


Louis et le monde de la nuit

This is an interactive story which tell about a boy who had never seen the sun. The only light he had was the moon. But one day, he notice a glimmer behind the fence...

"Louis et le monde de la nuit" is the realization of my group for this workshop.

See the website
Wkid's website

Other works

Wanna go to Japan next week ?


This is my final project at ESIAJ. I made a storytelling about my trip in Japan few years ago. In fact, my family and I, were invited by a Japanese billionaire...

See the story
Wanna go to Japan next week preview


Illustrating with typography

One theme, one title, one paragraph and typographical choices to explain.

See the online version
Typography's website


Responsive layout

There were two requests concerning this project : use the content given and make it suitable for three resolutions.

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Omnitemps's layout

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